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When asked about your bracelet say, "I have joined the Human Race for Peace."

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What is the Great Heart Bracelet?

The Symbol of Peace

The bracelet identifies a person's desire for peace or it signifies that they have been acknowledged for doing something good. Become an ambassador of Peace.  Wear a Great Heart bracelet.

The outside of the bracelet displays an enamel motif surrounding a heart. Engraved on the inside are the six Great Heart attributes: "Courage, Compassion, Truth, Justice, Freedom and Peace." These are the six attributes requisite for a peaceful world. The bright color and unique design of the bracelet verifies the person wearing it is a Great Heart.

If you are purchasing a bracelet to honor someone you will receive an enclosure card to sign before mailing it out to the honoree. If you are purchasing a bracelet to join the Human Race for Peace, then you will receive a card along with the bracelet saying you have joined.

What is the purpose of the Great Heart Bracelet?

  • The bracelet is a way to identify those people who have a concern for a better world.
  • The bracelet is a way for Great Hearts to identify each other.
  • The bracelet symbolizes goodness in action to other people.

What size bracelet should I buy?

The bracelets are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. View and print their actual sizes now (PDF or DOC).

What does the term "Great Heart" mean?

  • The term is a descriptive for someone who's desires and actions are directed toward a better world.
  • The term identifies a person who respects the six Great Heart attributes.

Who can wear the Great Heart bracelet?

Anyone who joins the Human Race for Peace or who has been Honored by someone can wear the bracelet.

Can I order bracelets for friends and family?

Yes, as many as you wish.

How do I Honor someone?

Anyone can order a bracelet to Honor someone who is doing something good. Just order the bracelet in the correct size to send to the person.  It will be delivered to you beautifully packaged and with a card for you to sign. Send it on to the Great Heart.  When you order, you may enter a description of what that person is doing for a better world.  Their name and description will be listed on the website along with other Great Hearts.

How do I join the Human Race for Peace?

Order a bracelet for yourself and anyone you know who has a desire for peace.

Do I need to do anything after becoming a Great Heart?

Continue doing whatever you do in the spirit of a Great Heart.

How is the bracelet packaged?

Each bracelet comes packaged in a blue satin bag placed inside a blue foil envelope ready for you to wear or to mail to someone. Each package includes an enclosure card.