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Bright Hearts Report

April 2010 Progress Report

  1. Kirabo Agnes is now 7 years and we are celebrating her Birthday on the 6th  of February.  She is improving in everything and the one time shy girl is no longer that.  She is participating in most of the activities as the rest of the children.  She was performing badly in class at the start but she is now improving as time goes one.  Her results are promising term by term.  Her first term position of 16th  out 41 students is good because last year she was always among the last students.  She seems to be getting on well with the change in environment.
  2. Nassali Daisy is now 8 years and her Birthday is on the 11th of  April.  Her behavior is good and she was one of the quietest girls when she came to the home but she is now beginning to be talkative.  She is very shy in front of elders and you would think she is very humble but this is when in the presence of elders. Among fellow children is very playful.  She continues to play so much at the school and as per her class teacher; this is contributing to her bad results in class.  She hasn’t been able to perform very well in class but she is a promising girl.  I am sure she can do better than the current position of 35th of 38 students.  In other things she is well behaved and endovers to learn new things.
  3. Namugwanya Margaret will be 10 years on the 20th August.  She is one girl whose life would be missed as one of the future leaders and change agent if she was to remain the conditions we got her from.  She is very active in class and daily activities.  She always strives to be the leader in everything she is doing with a group of fellow children.  She is one of the greatest musicians at the school and one of the dancers and other extra activities.  Her class performance is maintained at the best and this is special in her.  Her position in class is again 1st out of 42 students.  She is a future change agent if continued to be mentored very well.
  4. Nansasi Annet will be 14 years on 7th September.  Annet is a very humble and active girl.  She is now the eldest in the home and she is also in the highest class among all the girls.  She is a good model for the rest of the girls.  She is a Candidate at school and she is therefore finishing Primary School this year.  Come next year, Annet will be joining Secondary School.  Her performance has been improving with time and it’s vivid that the poor performance at the start was due to the environment she came from.  She is now doing better and one of the students expected to be getting a first grade at the end of Primary School.
  5. Namatovu Viola will be 14 years on the 25th November.  Viola is the second eldest girl in the home.  She is very humble and a very good model also to the rest of the girls.  She behaves so well both at home and at school.  She behaves as a very mature person and she is one of the girls who always wants to show how appreciative she is that she is in the home.  Her position of 2nd out of 48 students is very good and if she maintains at that range, we are having a good girl in education and other activities.
  6. Nalubega Justine will be 10 years on the 18th June.  Justine is a very good girl and her behavior keeps on improving day by day.  She is one girl who came with some different behaviors not so suitable to a home environment but she is now changed.  She is better in the home now.  She is one girl whom you see that wants to improve in everything that comes on her way.  She always strives to achieve the best in all that she is trying to do.  Her class performance is always improving and her class position of 13th out 42 students is good.
  7. Mukana Maureen will be 11 years on the 9th July.  Maureen has kept on improving in everything from the time she came to the home.  Her behaviors have been improving and she always listens to advice.  She is one girl who speaks out what is disturbing her and she never keeps what she what is hurting her.  She wants to be part of other activities as well.  She has showed the greatest improvements in class work because she came in the home and she was always among the last students but she is now among the best brains in her class.  She is in the same class as Margaret and her position of 2nd out 42 students is very good.
  8. Kulabako Josephine.  Josephine is the young girl who replaced Catherine.  Just like what has happened to the other girls, her life has kept on improving everyday and she is getting used to being part of the home.  Her performance in class has been better given the fact that this has been her first term at school.  The result of 27th out 35 students in class is good.  She is a promising girl who is likely to perform even better and she posses qualities of someone who is going to keep on improving day by day.