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Joseph Lukwago

Joseph Lukwago oversees the Bright Hearts Project United Football team and the Toto Hearts Jr. Football teams.

Great Hearts Started in 2005

The Great Hearts Afire Foundation was created in 2005 by artist Haydn Anthony.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is classified as 501(c)(3).

Join the Human Race for Peace

People Honoring People

What is the Bright Heart Program?

'Children Making Peace'

In 2007, the founder of the Great Hearts Afire Foundation, Haydn Anthony, built an orphanage called THE BRIGHT HEART HOME in Kyazanga, Uganda. Eight children were rescued from dire conditions and moved into the home by Joseph Lukwago and his mother Suzan. The home sits on their property along with the Kyazanga Modern Primary private school they operate. There is room on the property for 23 more homes housing a total of 184 more children whenever sponsors come forth.  At this point Haydn is the sole private sponsor supporting and educating the first eight girls. 

When the girls first arrived they were barely speaking and malnourished. After an adjustment period of realizing they had a new home and were being cared for, Haydn began simple communications through Joseph. All along Haydn had a plan to create and educate these children in a human enrichment program based on the six Great Heart Principles of

Courage, Compassion, Truth, Justice, Freedom and Peace.

This is called the BRIGHT HEART PROGRAM FOR HUMAN ENRICHMENT. The purpose of the program is to instill in children universally agreed upon principles, a sense of identity as young peacemakers and hope for themselves and the world.

During the years of 2008, 2009 and 2010, the girls blossomed and progressed in school to a remarkable degree. They rose to the tops and near tops of their classes. In 2011 they graduated from the program and have facilitated teaching the program to 400 other children at Kyazanga. The program is being offered throughout Uganda.

The success of the program, and the transformation of 8 lives that is uplifting a community, is due to the loving care and guidance of Joseph and his family.

Above: Joseph and Goretti give certificates to children who have completed the Bright heart Program for Human Enrichment.


Great Hearts Afire Foundation Officially Presents a Peace Program In Uganda

On October 22, 2011 the Bright Heart educational program for human enrichment was officially launched in Kyazanga Uganda. In attendance and presenting during the launch and latest graduation were Bright Heart children who had graduated previously. Also in attendance were government officials and other dignitaries along with a large showing of people from the community.

The new graduates made their pledges then received their certificates and Bright Heart bracelets from Joseph and their mentor teacher Ms.Goretti Nakaketo. In attendance was Mr.Richard Ssekitoleko. They both are instrumental in the success of the program. A colorful celebration followed.

The launch and educational program were received with great enthusiasm. It captured the lead story on national television as well as the main Ugandan newspaper. It received several days of radio coverage.

The Ministry of Education has given the green light to do the training programs in primary schools. Two hundred children had been graduated by the time of the official event.

Joseph Lukwago, who is director of the program in Uganda, is Founder of the non profit organization Joy For Humanity. Haydn Anthony, Founder of the Great Hearts Afire Foundation is the architect of the program.

All Contributions to the program are greatly appreciated and are used toward publishing the Bright Heart textbooks and educational expenses. 

To donate to the Bright heart project go to and locate the DONATE button.

Joy for Humanity is certified in Uganda as a nonprofit organization and has been vetted to work on the Bright Heart Project  in tandem with GREAT HEARTS AFIRE FOUNDATION.




Bright Heart Children When Rescued 2008


Bright Hearts in School 2008


The Bright Hearts at Home 2009


The Bright Hearts 2010

The Bright Hearts are growing into lovely young ladies. The other children at their school and people in the community recognize them as young peacemakers.

They have grown strong and healthy and are a happy group. During 2010 their school grades took several of the girls to the top of their classes and the others girls are not far behind. Annette who is 14 and the eldest has been accepted to a good secondary school and will be the first girl to attend.

Vegetable Garden

The Bright Hearts have made a vegetable garden and they tend to surrounding fruit trees.  Each girl has her own section of garden to care for.

Fresh Eggs and Milk

Along with the fruits and vegetables from their garden, The girls eat fresh eggs from the chickens, milk from a resident cow, grain, juice made by the family, and water from a new well.

Holiday Girls

Suzan, Joseph's mother, has dresses made for Holidays and shops for the girl's everyday clothes.  When they are in school they wear their green uniforms.

The Bright Heart Home

Here is the Bright Heart home now with flowers the girls planted in front. You can see their school, the generator donated by Great Hearts Sharon and Kahu Silva from Honolulu and some of the girls dancing at a celebration. The poster / calendar hangs in their home with Haydn's watchful eye overseeing them.

A Visit from the U.S. Family and Friends

In June Haydn's god daughter Priya and two of her friends visited Joseph, his family and the girls. They had come from Kenya where, as young bio-technicians, they researched installing solar panels they had invented.  Their time with the girls and the family was the highlight of their trip. Haydn gained much appreciated feedback from Priya as to the daily life of the girls and the well being of the family. They played games, made jewelry from beads Priya brought along and learned much from each other.

There are many children who need to be rescued in Africa. We have an exceptional opportunity at Kyazanga, Uganda, to save and educate children due to the efforts of Joseph Lukwago and his family. Their privately owned land has room for 23 more homes housing eight children each like the one Haydn built. The children under their care have the rare opportunity to grow and thrive in a loving environment and to attend the family's private primary school on the premises. At this time Haydn supports and educates the first eight rescued girls. She and Joseph have a broad vision to bring hope and a better world through healthy, happy, educated children.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child for $30 a month, building the next home for eight children at $6,000 or contributing any amount to the Bright Heart Human Enrichment Program contact Haydn.


Hearts United Football Team

In 2010 Joseph became concerned with many troubled South in Kyazanga.  These were boys who had no jobs and were causing trouble.  He decided to start a Soccer team (soccer is called football in Africa).  He went around to some local teams and chose some of the best players to head up the new team.  The team would be called 'Hearts United Football team' and their motto would be 'LIVING AND PLAYING BY THE GREAT HEART PRINCIPLES.'  Practice started and suddenly the boys were spending their time on the field rather than making trouble.  Joseph arranged a tournament with all the other teams.  Hearts United won the trophy.

The players on the team must go through an orientation to learn the six Great Heart principles of Courage, Compassion, Truth, Justice, Freedom and Peace.  After the orientation they sign a pledge to do their best to abide by these principles.  They are being coached not only in their sport but in becoming future Great Hearts and leaders.

They will wear silicone bracelets embossed with the six principles and the name of their team.  We are thankful to Great Heart Dr. Ron Mann for donating money for the bracelets. Junior teams will be formed in the near future to involve younger boys and girls.  They will be called 'Toto Hearts United.'  They too will take the orientation and pledge.

To contribute directly to the Bright Heart Project or the soccer teams, contact Haydn.