Human Race for Peace
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Great Hearts Afire Foundation We honor people doing something good, and you can too.
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People around the world want peace. Show your desire by wearing the Great Heart bracelet.

Great Hearts Started in 2005

The Great Hearts Afire Foundation was created in 2005 by artist Haydn Anthony.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is classified as 501(c)(3).

People Honoring People

Human Race for Peace

Anyone can join The Human Race for Peace by wearing a Great Heart bracelet. The bracelet signifies that the wearer has a desire for peace. Anyone can order bracelets for him/herself and friends. Anyone who orders bracelets can write a few lines about their desire for peace or what they do in behalf of a peaceful world. The words will be visible on the website after their name.

How to order:

  1. Write some words about peace on the order form, if desired.
When asked about your bracelet say, "I have joined the Human Race for Peace."

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