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How the Great Heart Projects Began

Great Heart Donor Sam Sprague and Haydn

In the summer of 2004, founder and artist Haydn Anthony began the first project to be launched by the Great Hearts Afire Foundation. That project, now known as the Great Hearts Project for Peace, began in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It was inspired by U.S. Marines returning from active duty.  They had been wearing hand carved Polynesian pendants called Manaya made by Haydn's friend Sami Fevaleaki. 

Upon hearing how much the pendants meant to the Marines while away from home, Haydn asked Sami for all the Manayas he had and then she and Great Heart project developer Jerome Anthony handed them out to men being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.  The response to this small event held in Waikiki prompted further action.

Knowing the impossibility of carving thousands of Manayas to give out to more military people, Haydn set out to design a pendant that could be manufactured in large quantities. 


After more than a year's work, the first samples of the pendants were lost in the Katrina hurricane and so Haydn started over.  By this time the project concept had expanded to include not only military personnel but also anyone who desires peace.  It also included the ability for people to honor others who are doing something good in the world. 

Master Carver Sami Fevaleaki

To honor someone and to show a desire for peace, Haydn envisioned a bracelet engraved with the words: courage, compassion, truth, justice, freedom and peace.  These six words would act as reminders of the attributes needed to create a peaceful world.  She envisioned a strong and beautiful bracelet that would be highly visible as a symbol of peace and that would be a tribute to the person wearing it.

In January 2007, the Great Heart bracelet was born and the People Honoring People project began. In 2009, the Human Race for Peace project began. See who wears the Great Heart bracelet.

Haydn and Great Heart Project spokesperson and developer Jerome Anthony