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Great Hearts Started in 2005
The Great Hearts Afire Foundation was created in 2005 by artist Haydn Anthony.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is classified as 501(c)(3).

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June 2, 2008

What is the Bright Heart Program?

The Bright Heart Program is a project conducted by the Great Hearts Afire Foundation. The founder Haydn Anthony is developing an educational program for children that is focused on basic human values and conflict resolution. This program is called The Bright Heart Project.  The program is now in the initial stage of development at the Kyazanga Modern Primary School in Uganda. When completed, it will act as the prototype for further presentations of the program.

Children entering the Bright Heart Program will be guided through the information by a local mentor.  When the program is completed the children will have earned the title of "Bright Heart." They will then receive documentation of their participation and be allowed to wear the Bright Heart bracelet.

The aim of the program is to foster the seven values of a Bright Heart child:

  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Freedom
  • Peace

In 2007, Haydn started building a home for eight children rescued from dire conditions in Kyazanga.  In January 2008, the home opened and the children moved in.  Along with their education as Bright Hearts they will receive an academic education from the Kyazanga Primary school located on the grounds. As an exception, the children at Kyazanga are allowed to be referred to as Bright Hearts during the program development. The program is being overseen by Director and Founder Joseph Lukwago and his family who operate the Modern Primary School and the activities there.  (See for more information.)  Since the children moved into the home and started attending school they have progressed remarkably.  When arriving they barely communicated and not all of them spoke English.  In spite of their conditions they adjusted well and are now excelling.  Some are at or near the top of their classes.  (See Bright Heart Report 2010.)  This is due to the caring and guidance of Joseph, his family and their guardian. 

It is through the dedicated work by them that the futures of many children are changing for the better. It is their contribution to a better world that attracted Haydn and the Foundation.

To contribute directly to the Bright Heart Project, contact Haydn.

"Bright Heart Children" and "Bright Heart Program" are trademarked by the Great Hearts Afire Foundation.

January 8, 2008

Great Heart honoree Joseph Lukwaga of Uganda will present South African Rev. Desmond TuTu with a Great Hearts bracelet in the near future.  Joseph will act as a representative of the Great Hearts Afire Foundation.  Joseph and his parents operate a school and orphanage in Kampala and are shining stars in the hope for the children of Uganda.  Joseph will oversee the first Bright Heart Project for children when The Foundation announces its inception. Anyone wishing to sponsor a child, contribute to the Kyazanga school, or contribute to the Bright Heart orphanage, contact us or Joseph at

December 25, 2007

Great Hearts Afire Foundation principles Haydn Anthony, Sam Sprague and Jerome Anthony were featured guests at a Christmas Luau in Hawaii.  The three were guests of Hawaiian spiritual leader and Great Heart honoree Kahu Silva.  Over 600 people from around the world attended the grand celebration where Kahu officiated as Master of Ceremonies. The evening featured some of Hawaii's most talented musicians and dancers.  Food ruled the evening with a traditional "roast pig in the pit."  In a surprise announcement Kahu introduced The Great Hearts Afire Foundation and the Great Heart Project as he waved his Great Heart bracelet in the air. The roaring response to the announcement was inspiring to the Foundation members as well as to the people who inquired further about the project.  A young humanitarian from Canada, Sarah-Maud St-Onge, was honored with a bracelet.

December 7, 2007

Haydn, Jerome and Sam linked up with Great Heart Sami Fevaleaki while in Hawaii.  Sami is featured on the Great Heart Project page, describing how the Foundation and Project began.  His finely carved pendants were on display and as beautiful as ever.  Sami is now using mammoth tusk as well as whale bone and teeth.  Some are fossils and all are from ecology approved conditions. This carver from Tonga is a great example of a Great Heart. On this visit, Sami presented Haydn with one of his new designs.

November 10, 2007 Press Release: Call for Donor Angels

Soon, artist Haydn Anthony will be traveling to the Walter Reed Hospital where she will place 9 of her paintings in a permanent installment where they can be viewed by wounded Vets.  Haydn is the Founder and Director of the GREAT HEARTS AFIRE FOUNDATION (, a non-profit organization that creates and delivers humanitarian projects. The project she is focused on at this time is The Great Heart Project.

Before Haydn leaves for Washington she is calling for a single individual, group of individuals, or an organization who will come forth as Angel donors in order to distribute bracelets to all the wounded vets.  At this time no vets have been acknowledged.  This Foundation operates outside political, religious, racial and cultural boundaries.  The Angel gifts to the Vets will simply be a humanitarian gesture. A special discounted price will be available to the group purchase of the Vet bracelets and the Angels can be sited or remain anonymous.  Please contact Haydn to learn how you an be one of the Vet Angels.

The Great Hearts Project allows people to commemorate anyone they know who is contributing to a better world. They do so by purchasing a brightly colored metal bracelet engraved with the words "COURAGE, COMPASSION, TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and PEACE." These bracelets are making good works in the world visible by those who wear them.