Great Hearts Project
Great Hearts Afire Foundation
Great Hearts Started in 2005
The Great Hearts Afire Foundation was created in 2005 by artist Haydn Anthony.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is classified as 501(c)(3).

Join the Human Race for Peace

People Honoring People

About the Great Heart Project

What is the Great Heart Project?

This project is a global peace movement generated solely by individuals who have a desire for peace and a better world.  No governments or institutions are involved other than the Great Hearts Afire Foundation.  This project is generated and conducted by concerned individuals worldwide.

What is the Goal of the Project?

The goal is to create a global movement for creating peace in the world and to have millions of people who are being attentive to the Six Attributes wear the bracelets.

What are the Six Attributes?

The attributes are courage, compassion, truth, justice, freedom and peace.

Why Should People Be Attentive to These Six Attributes?

These attributes are requisite for a world at peace.

How Will the Goal Be Met?

Through strength in the number of people with a common desire for peace and their attention to the Six Attributes.

How is the Project Funded?

This is a project of the non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity 'Great Hearts Afire Foundation.' Funding comes from the sale of the bracelets and other products on the website store along with donations.  The Foundation is currently seeking sponsors.  All proceeds from sales go into this and future peace projects.  All work within the Foundation is done by volunteers; no salaries are paid.

Can Groups and Organizations Order Bracelets in Quantity?

Yes.  The Foundation encourages people in organizations and clubs of any size to demonstrate the desire for peace by wearing the Great Heart bracelet.  The bracelets can be given as acknowledgements to employees or purchased for club members.  Discounts can be arranged for large orders.  There may be a longer delivery time in these cases. Contact us for details.

Join the Human Race for Peace    People Honoring People