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About Founder Haydn Anthony

Hadyn Anthony's art and humanitarian projects

As a mediator and artist I have been doing peace projects since  the POW / MIA movement during the Vietnam conflict. These projects have involved people and places worldwide.

I have observed the many conflicts over time and new ones that happen every day. Many groups and individuals have worked tirelessly to resolve these problems.  Thousands of people have given their lives for the cause of peace. Our troubled world is no more a peaceful place today than it has ever been in all of history.

Those people who genuinely hold the concern for all humanity as a priority are scattered around the world.  There has been some attempt by these individuals to network and with the internet there has been some progress. However, it is my view that we cannot afford the time needed to bootstrap ourselves into a combined global voice. We need a project now that joins all people who have a concern for the condition of our world and who desire peace. We need a project that will involve every person in the world who desires peace regardless of race, religion, culture or status. The Great Heart projects have grown out of these considerations.

I have created the Great Heart bracelet as a way to express a desire for peace. The bracelet symbolizes a desire for a better world. We can declare the 'Six Attributes’ of peacemakers as they are inscribed inside the Great Heart bracelet. Through the bracelet we become visible to the world and each other.

Never before in history have all the individuals of the world joined together in one singular focus to make a statement for peace.  It is happening now. It is we who are doing it.