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Jerome Anthony is the Creative Dir. and Spokesman for the Foundation

Great Hearts Started in 2005
The Great Hearts Afire Foundation was created in 2005 by artist Haydn Anthony.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is classified as 501(c)(3).

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People Honoring People

About the Foundation

Haydn has been doing peace projects worldwide since 1972.  The projects have been focused on cross cultural dialogue and action. See more information about the founder.

In 2005 Haydn decided to make it possible for other individuals to participate in her humanitarian projects.  This came at a time when the world desperately needed hope and a concrete way to do something positive. Haydn saw that with all the tragic events going on there were also many people living their lives in such a way as to make the world a better place. She envisioned creating a Foundation that would be the vehicle for mass participation in actions toward positive change.  Thinking of all the many people who might value playing a part in such change she imagined the many great hearts afire with the desire for peace, freedom and prosperity. Thus, the Foundation name Great Hearts Afire.


The mission of this foundation is as follows:

  • To make positive changes in the lives of global citizens.
  • To allow a vehicle for individuals to participate in humanitarian projects that will make positive changes.
  • To have the above vehicle open for participation to people of all ages, cultures, religions, political affiliations, ideologies, and races regardless of geographic location.
  • To set a high standard and example of how global individuals can find common ground amongst conflict and diversity.
  • To be an example of how to create and participate in change through creative concepts.
  • To be a source of creating such concepts and projects.

How This Charity Operates

The Great Hearts Afire Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. It is unique in the fact that it does not raise money soley through sponsorship and donations, but it also manufactures products to sell from this website.  At this time, the product raising money is the Great Heart bracelet. This activity is also called the Great Hearts Project. 

All money from the sales of the bracelet goes back into the Great Hearts Afire Charity Foundation to build further projects within the Foundation.  No money goes for salaries or is donated to other charities. All work is voluntary.  When funds reach a profitable level, the next project will begin.

The Bright Heart project is an educational program being developed for children worldwide.  The focus is on teaching basic human values and conflict resolution.  This program is now is now in operation.

All  bracelet sales and contributions to the Foundation are greatly appreciated and are tax deductable. 

How to Help This Foundation

The foundation actively seeks sponsors and donations. Donate to the foundation, get involved, or contact us about sponsorships.